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I love college towns. I was in Bloomsburg, PA today. There were two used bookstores in the same block. I picked up two Hugo winners and a novel by Thomas Berger that I hadn't seen before, Sneaky People. I only have about 10 other books that I have to finish first.

You ever notice that some used bookstores won't sort the books beyond, maybe, genre? It's like the proprietor is thinking, "You want to find gold? DIG!" So I dug.



See more butts
Awfully crowded for no known reason. I call this one See More Butts

Here's a version I did for fun, using Gimp filters.



Heaven is that-a-way

Modern art
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Wow, those pictures are so crisp. I liked them all, but the one of the house is probably my favorite, closely followed by See More Butts.
I have one like your second to last.

taken at a local cemetery here in upstate NY.

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I don't do well at editing pics, and this one was posted looong ago, so forgive the crappy quality.
Dear God. What will I do when you move away?

Bloomsburg is a lovely town-- and in addition to the great used book stores,it's always got interesting books at the Goodwill store.

I went to first and second grade at Catawissa, just across the river.