NRA all the way... to hell

I sold all my guns today. Last remnant of a former life. One of several former lives. Just in time, too. The "Check Engine" light just came on in my car.
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so excuse question if it has been posted about recently, but where are you on the whole going-to-New Orleans-thing? been skimming my flist way too much recently...
I'm hemming and hawing, see-sawing, on whether to unload everything and head out with receipt of my last paycheck right now or whether to work a little longer via a relatively well paying job that just became available and save up some more money. I should probably just go but I'm a chicken.
well, those are some Big Options! security and money VS the relatively unknown...hmmm!
Well, I don't have the job yet and it doesn't start for a bit so I may be best served just packing up and going. I think next week will be when I make a final decision.
what guns are we talking here. glocks, magnums or the non-literal varieties.
no wait, you said nra.
I had owned guns for a number of years; some handguns and a shotgun. I haven't gone to a range or anything for the longest. I needed the money more than I needed those.