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Green leaves

This picture has no relevance to my post. I just put it here because I'm a show-off. Also, though, because it's a special effect and special effects put me in mind of the film I saw last week, Kung Fu Hustle. Yes, special effects play a major part in this latest marvel of asian cinema but, more than anything else, the film is a riotous comedy. The scenes containing the landlady, played by Chuen-Nam Cheung, had me doubled over in laughter. Cheung, a contemporary of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung (who did some of the choreography for Kung Fu Hustle, along with the superlative Yuen Wo Ping), stopped acting in 1974. This was her first role in 30 years. Clearly the world has missed something special. But don't you miss this movie.

Q1 Q2

I was talking about handwriting the other night. The pictures above illustrate what I was saying about the prevalence of the Palmer style here in the northeast. That's a Q up there, not a number 2. The one on the left is from a faded advertisement painted on the side of an old building. The one on the right from a taxi in the Quick Service Cab company fleet. That was how I was taught to write my Q's in grade school. I can't remember the last time I wrote a Q like that.

I like to look at the handwriting on my staff's paperwork. One of my people grew up in one of the worst projects in New York, but his handwriting is all loops and whorls and curlicues, with circles instead of dots over the i's and j's. I wonder if he was picked on for that handwriting while growing up or whether he was considered literate and educated. I wonder if I could be more condescending and pompous.

Paw Rugg

The handwriting of my nightshift guy is almost completely illegible. Also, he speaks exactly like he writes. The most current example I can think of is Boomhauer from King of the Hill, but more accurate representations of my third shift guy's speech patterns come to mind from cartoons past. Anyone remember The Hillbilly Bears? There was Paw Rugg, Maw Rugg, Shag Rugg, and Floral Rugg. Paw mumbled everything he said and he typically only spoke when irritated or highly amused. He's probably the best example of what my third shift guy sounds like. But my nightshift guy doesn't look like Paw Rugg. No, he looks like this --

Uncle Pecos

This is Uncle Pecos from the Tom and Jerry cartoons. Uncle Pecos used to sing a song called Crambone. The first line was, "Froggy went a c- c- c- courtin', he did ride, C- C- C- Crambone!" Then his guitar string would break and he'd pluck a whisker off Tom's face. Recordings of the song are all over teh internets via a quick Google.

So, to sum up:

1) Asian cinema rocks (I'm going to watch some early John Woo, starring Chow Yun-Fat, in just a few minutes)

2) I work with cartoon characters.
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i don't know why people used to be taught to write Qs like 2s...that always perplexed me when learning script. and annoyed me. and i have never written a Q like that, except for when i HAD to in school...