Ten Lame Reasons for Wanting a Vagina (of my own)

In honor of scarletdemon and her ten awesome reasons for wanting a penis (of her own).

1) Now that Spring is here I just don't have enough pockets.

2) Making farting noises with my armpits alone is no longer fulfilling.

3) I could post pictures on show_your_bits and have some lesbian say, "Sluuuurp! Say, I noticed you have Charles Bukowski listed in your interests."

4) I've been needing more vegetables in my daily lifestyle. Particularly cucumbers and zucchini.

5) I would finally understand why so many women on Hot or Not proclaim their love for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

6) I could throw the word labia into daily conversation any time I wanted!

7) I often sit down to pee anyway.

8) Two words: Bicycle seats.

9) I could finally wear boxer shorts without that loosey-goosey feeling.

10) With a bit of practice I just might be the first person ever to be able to eat crackers and whistle at the same time.
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