Y Tu Mamá Tambien

Is anyone else totally disgusted by the new ad campaign for Mexico tourism? They have mostly these service industry types fawning and kow-towing to the rich white tourists. The worst is the one on the golf course with the fat bald white guy (looking remarkably like me) approached by the caddy --
Underpaid and Abused Caddy: "Yack! Yack! I found yoor looky bawl! Look, it say Yack on it an ever'ting!"
Rich White Tourist named Jack: "Gosh, Paco! You and I were looking for that ball last summer! And now you're trying to strong arm me into paying to get it back, aren't you! Somebody get the manager! Pol-ee-see-ya! Hey, get over here and get this brown bastard out of my sight! He's a fuckin' thief is what he is! That's right! Shoot him!"
Policia: *BANG! BANG!*
Rich White Tourist named Jack: "Fuck I hate these little bastards with their hands out for ever' fuckin' thing! Let's go to Hawaii next year, ya hear?"
Fade out
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