Wasted effort

One of my employees didn't show up for work this afternoon and so I'm filling in. It's 10:30 pm right now. I have an hour commute one way. I have to be back for the morning shift. If I hadn't already decided to leave here this would have been the last straw. I'll be meeting with my branch manager tomorrow to see if he makes me any kind of offer to stay. Unless it's brilliant I'll refuse. He won't make an offer, though. I'm pretty sure of this. I'm feeling pretty disgusted.

All of this wasted time and energy reminds me of when I was helping a friend of mine move into a new apartment. Actually a half double house. I helped her move furniture and boxes. I vacuumed the place. I helped her paint. And then the landlord walked in one night, drunk off his ass, and accused her of stopping up the bathtub by dumping carpet shampooer water down the drain and we realized we had a nutjob on our hands so we packed everything back up that very night and moved it all back out to her old place. There's something about an apartment you've just moved into, at night, when all you've got is the harsh light in the ceiling and no curtains and maybe just a portable radio and everything is boxed up and there's maybe a moth or two that got in while you had the doors propped open to move stuff. Something very depressing. Moving the stuff back out again in the middle of the night is even more depressing.

This situation I'm having with my staff brought that memory into my mind and I'm having that depressing feeling of wasted effort right now on this quiet empty night. I think it's just tiredness.
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reminds me of one of my previous moving experiences... four days loading all my stuff at night because that was when we could get the truck for free. It was rainy and windy. Storming the whole time, with an hour drive each way between apartments. On the final night as I was leaving town for the last time, there was a power outage. It was a hell of a move.