Ghods let this be an end of it for another year

Alright, the normal brooding time had just about elapsed so I pulled the eggs this morning. I hope I kept them in there long enough for the parrot not to feel the need to lay another clutch.

She was pretty filthy from spending all her time on the bottom of the cage so I gave her a shower. She usually loves a shower but she was noncommittal today, neither trying to avoid it or enjoying it. Nevertheless, she's much cleaner, as is her cage.

She's looking for her eggs. Dammit. If she lays another egg I'll have to pray I see it immediately and pull it, hoping she doesn't get into a cycle of laying. That will be bad for her health, wearing her down. Ah, there she goes, up to her perch, grooming herself. Good.

Jeebers gives me the other stink eye
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I take her right into the bathroom with me. I even have a perch with suction cups that affixes to the tile wall of the shower.