The legendary and mythical llama


My boss came rolling on by, today, to ask me to stay on at my present site instead of going to New Orleans. He told me he would be able to get me something down there but that the money was nowhere. He named some figures. So he asked me to stay but he didn't really make me any kind of offer except to say that our client would probably agree to give us more money in August or September because she was going to have a lot left over in her budget at the end of the year. My boss also said his boss, the branch manager, would be by next Monday to talk to me as well. Maybe he'll have some kind of incentive to sweeten the pot for me.

I hate even pausing to think about this but I guess I have to be a grown-up and do so. Right now my boss just asking me to stay isn't enough to convince me to do so, especially when one of my people called in sick at the last minute, this morning, leaving me deeply in the lurch. I'm tired of these drooling morons. Why don't you dear readers ever tell me what to do instead of just staring at me like that?

Really whacked out freaky guy walks up to my desk today and says, "I can only pay $200." *koff* *koff*

He wanted to pay his electric bill. This happens a lot so I handed him a list I had of places where he could do it. I asked him if he needed the customer service number but I saw he had it on his hate mail from the electric company.

"I CAN ONLY PAY $200!" *koff* *koff* He coughs right in my face. Great, now I gots teh Aids. So I bashed in his skull and stuffed him in a closet.

In short, it was a stressful day but like the legendary mythical llama I am one with the universe and at peace. Except that Lost is a repeat tonight. Bastards.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got my copy of Boy in Darkness, by Mervyn Peake, and it's all thanks to fidgety. I love the Gormenghast novels and I didn't know this book existed until fidgety told me so it's I <3 fidgety day.
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Except that Lost is a repeat tonight.

I felt deeply misled about that.
Gee whiz, I get my very own Love day? Well, with all these germs trying to hijack my body as their very own incubator, I sure do need it. Thank you, Mr. Navanax.