Silly geeses


The people in my building make high two digit and low three digit salaries and yet they're a bunch of silly geese, which is my way of saying, today, that they're stupid asses. And oh how they like to play games.

The game I watched them play today was Inappropriate Courtesy. One uses courtesy inappropriately when, by trying to be courteous, one creates problems. Today's example comes from our parking garage where a woman drove through one of the two side by side entrance gates, entered the garage, and then waved for the driver coming through the other gate, and who was well behind her, to come ahead and pass her in the merge. He was so far behind her that he realized accepting her invitation to pass would create confusion and maybe traffic problems so he refused by waving her on ahead. The woman's face clouded up in anger as she realized that what she thought was her courtesy was being rudely rebuffed by the other driver. Her whole routine was probably thrown askew because of this one little incident. I watch variations of this game every day.

There is construction going on in my building for a new restaurant. The contractors have a giant industrial looking radio in there and it was blasting away today. On that radio I heard some country fellow sing the words "drugs or jesus." My dearest and only friend, Google, says that this song is by Tim McGraw. Let's all look at the refrain, shall we?
Everybody just wants to get high
Sit and watch a perfect world go by
We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives
We follow the roads that lead us
To drugs or Jesus
Hmm, which to choose... which to choose.... Silly silly geeses.

My goodness we're arrogant today.
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Fun reading--another look at your interesting world.

I am now picturing you living in a lovely new apartment building so fine that it has (or will have soon) a restaurant on the ground floor.
Oh my, would that I did live in an apartment building with upper tax brackets, but the building of which I speak is my workplace. I actually live in a refrigerator box with carpet samples attached that is masquerading as an apartment.