How I spent my summer vacation

scarlettj9 invited me to spend the day in Maryland and so I figured I might as well enjoy the first full weekend off I have had in the last 2.5 months before I have to start getting serious about moving to NOLA. I shouldn't have spent so much money but irresponsibility is my middle name.

On the drive down I passed a grey and black pick-up truck. Almost illegibly written on the driver's side door, in Sharpie marker, were the words "Spiritual Brothers Trucking." The bed of the truck was empty. One does wonder what precious cargo the Spiritual Brothers tend to haul.

Upon arrival in Maryland we decided to head into DC to take in the cherry blossom festival and we were the only ones in the entire country to think of doing that! Not really. But it was still a capital idea.

Shady Grove station

We jumped on the Metro and it was almost like taking a train in Tokyo or India, crowded, but with no ass grabbing. Our car was full of excited and chatty tourists. Everything was rainbows and lollipops. scarlettj9 mentioned that during a normal weekday morning commute the train would be almost silent. I've noticed that the subways in NYC tend to be absent any conversation at any time of day.

I had been told once that one can always tell who the Americans are in any European street scene by how they dress; particularly that they wear sneakers all the time. This appeared to be true on our Metro car as well. Almost the only people who weren't wearing sneakers were a group of Chinese tourists. I tried to get photos of this but the pics tended to illustrate the exception rather than the rule so I didn't post them. I should point out that one can also single out Americans in any picture featuring only the lower half of the human body by identifying the FAT ASSES.

On the Mall

We popped up out of the Metro onto The Mall. I knew, the moment I walked out into the brilliant sunshine that my giant misshappen head was going to be cherry red by nightfall (and I was right). The weather was just gorgeous, with a breeze that kept things from getting too hot. Still, sunscreen would have been advisable. People were meandering to and fro. Some were picnicking on the grass, and many were flying kites. The crowd was making it's way toward the cherry trees down by the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin and we joined the herd.

The Basin

Although we were constantly surrounded by people it never got so packed as to become irritating. In other words, as you can tell by the above picture, one couldn't see the forest of people for the trees.

Cherry Blossoms 1

Cherry Blossoms 2

Washington Monument...

Cherry Blossom sunlight

Cherry Blossom 3

Cherry Blossom close-up

Cherry Blossom 4

Cherry Blossom 5

Cherry Blossom 6

Having had enough of trees and people, we headed back toward the Metro station. We made a quick detour to the Freer to use the bathroom. There was a line for the ladies room (ha ha, it's great to be a guy) so, as I was waiting, I was sucked into the room with the Whistler miniature oils. But I had determined this to be an outdoor day and so it was back into the sunlight before I went on an endless museum tour . One tends to forget what a repository of treasures Washington DC is and I know I'm going to regret not taking advantage of the easy access when I move away.

All in all, despite the crowds there was absolutely no drama throughout the entire visit. Security was heavy but unobtrusive. I did find one bit of civil disobedience.

Sign of unrest

In case you can't see, it says "Violence is inherent in the system." Okay, thanks for telling us Mr. Silent Voice of the People. Fucking hippies.

And that's how I spent my summer vacation... in the Spring.

The end.
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Beautiful pictures as always, Mr. Slug. And the story about the Spiritual Brothers Trucking Co. was pretty amusing.

Hey, around that trash can (or whatever it is), was Michael Palin running around shouting "Help, help, I'm being repressed!"? That would've been pretty cool if he was.
ahhh, DC in the spring...
great pix! and it sounds like a lurvely time!
It was quite nice. Only my second visit to DC and now I may have to try for a couple more visits before I leave the area. I just have to get into some of those museums.
we were there YEARS ago, as a family trip. camped in virginia and rode the train into DC almost every day.
great museums, that i am sure i would like so much more now as an adult and not a pouty high schooler!
Those are beautiful pictures- so well-framed and arranged. I wish I could see those trees!
I'd heard about the cherry blossoms for so long. I was very pleased to get the opportunity to see them in person.

I'm really diggin' on digital photography as a hobby. I need to start reading up on technique. I also need to get a tripod.
I had a great time as well. I just love 2 of your pics... the one with the sunlight and the one of the one pink branch of flowers. Stunning stuff. I've posted all of my pics from the day here:

We certainly couldn't have asked for better weather. Thank you again for alowing me to show off DC on one of its' better days.