Wine & cheese

I'm reclining on my couch, wearing one of the shirts castevet designed, looking around my apartment, wondering how I'm going to pack up all this shite. I had three hours of sleep last night. Four the night before. I'm in that totally disjointed phase of fatigue and yet I don't want to go to bed. I've got that "I might miss something" feeling going on. I'm obsessively refreshing my flist and my gmail because I'm totally addicted to LJ. I'm only posting now for something to do. I'm wishing I had found some things to photograph today so I could post them. I have a small stack of stuff waiting for rural_ruin but I'm holding off because I posted in there the last two days, and I don't want to wear out my welcome or run out of pics too quickly. I definitely need to get glasses. I was looking at the TV listings and saw Eminem: The Ultimate Interview. I thought it said Enema: The Ultimate Interview. I'm not making a paragraph break and you can't make me.
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I obsessively check my lj and gmail acct too. I have forsaken all other URL's to do this. Are you moving? What does the shirt look like? Are you ONLY wearing the shirt while reclining? You DO post too much in rural_ruin so stop it! I knew I needed to get reading glasses when I ran out of arm reading the paper. My eyesight has really gone down hill since I started wearing them last year. I suspect the glasses.

I'm making a paragraph break and you can't stop me.
The shirt I was wearing last night had a diagram of a bird's wing, identifying all the feathers - the primaries, the secondaries, the tertiaries, etc. Those are the only kinds of t-shirts I have - informational, or logo'd from tech companies. Nothing pithy or funny. I was also wearing a pair of shorts that are suddenly TOO BIG AROUND THE WAIST!!one!1. Glasses will make your eyesight worse, but I'm sure you knew this. Fortunately, for me, it is also just issues with reading and I can still see what's going on when I am reclining on the couch with no pants. Still no paragraph break.
What? Glasses make your eyesight worse? I didn't know that. Are they making my eyes 'lazy' and dependant on them?They are just the cheap drugstore magnifying type glasses that I use strictly for reading in questionable light. I can see the monitor without them with no problem and can read in sunlight or strong light with no problem. I keep losing my glasses. I have a pair in the bathroom for doing the crossword, a pair at my desk, and a pair at my bedside for reading books and I am constantly moving them around and I have to hunt them down. Soon I will have to wear them on a shtring about my kneck and put my hair into a bun.
I am not a doctor, I only play one on LJ, so I don't know about over-the-counter magnifying glasses. My impression is that those probably wouldn't do anything, but I suspect anything you have on your face prescription wise long term might have some effect.
[paragraph break]
You know, for some reason I can visualize a woman doing a crossword in the bathroom but not a man. Let's visualize the man doing the crossword together, shall we? "Hmm, three letter word for yodeller's platform... hmm... erg, wait a minute... AAaaIIiiEEeeAAaaRRrrGGgghh!! !!SPLASH!! aaaahhhh...."
[paragraph break]
Yay for hair in buns only cause it's fun to see the hair get let down like in the shampoo commercials. ::headshake twist & swirl::
But.. you assured me that you were a doctor. I feel so dirty and used now.
Actually my husband DOES do the crossword in the bathroom but without the sound effects (I think). We fight over the Sunday crossword; as soon as I am finished reading the paper I grab the crossword and laughing maniacally, I skip GLEEfully into the bathroom clutching my prize -AH-hahaha!- and busily run through the whole thing doing the 3 letter words. EVEN if I don't have to TAKE a crap. If it's a good day and I have not fried my braincells the day before, I may even get to the FOUR letter words! Oh, how I love Sundays and the new Sunday crossword.