It all comes tumbling down

Fallen wall 2

My boss came by, today, and we talked about my desire to move back to New Orleans. He was clearly concerned that I was going to just up and split right then because he asked me three times if I would give him time to get a replacement. I promised him I would, and I will because I have to wait for my vacation check to roll in so I at least have enough money to rent a truck and get storage and a room once I get there. I really need to start hitting Craig's List and such hard because I want to get out of here within the month. I must be crazy. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to get somebody to help me load up the truck up here much less unload it down there. I wonder if I can hire some college kids or something.

Anyway, we talked about which of the people on my staff would be best suited to replace me as supervisor. I feel confident that I have a good reputation with my bosses and with the branch manager. My boss had said that my branch manager was willing to call the manager down in New Orleans to put in the good word. I emailed my boss with the list of areas I would be willing to work down there, like the city itself, Metairie, Kenner, and even Chalmette if necessary. No matter what, I've put the ball in motion so now I gotta follow through. I've moved around the country several times before but this will be the first time without a real money buffer and also the first time with two cats in tow. Yeesh.
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New Orleans is a place I somewhat considered once. But not for long. I'ma visit up'n there in the future, however.
If I actually have a living space at that time you are most welcome. I lived there for eight years, once upon a time, and I remember the town with fondness.
didn't you just start working at this place and just move to allentown area?
Yes, I did, so I'm being somewhat stupid. I had thought that by taking this job first I would make a little more money and build up my rep with the company before seeking to get out of Northeast PA. But then I realized I was being stupid and should have just up and gone because there will never be a better chance later on. So now I'm being stupid and up and going just two months after coming here. But, also, my staff here really are an extraordinary bunch of imbeciles and I just don't want to be their boss any longer. Did I mention I'm stupid?
Good luck with the move! New Orleans sounds like a lot of fun... it's one of the big cities I have yet to visit, but want to.
once again, love the B&W!
and love your "move to NOLA" attitude! that is something i wish i had done pre kids and house, moved around the country a lot!
I'm sharing the feeling a little. I'm moving back to California after being in Chicago for 13 years. Kinda freaked out, kinda excited. Change is ALWAYS Good. When do you ever hear people saying, "Aw, I should have stayed put" Rarely if eVER. Good luck in New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I guess you really are gonna do this move thing. If you need help doing actual packing, I can help you out on weekends if you have bed space. I'm not trying to be forward here. Just offering to help out. Had you moved a month ago...nevermind I didn't know you a month ago. :)

If you feel like you want to crash for a night on your way down, you can stay with me in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Though it is kinda close to where you are in PA. Just a thought. Not a good one.

I love the pic too. Do you take it in color and then convert it in the computer? Some day we will have to compare photos.

Anyway, huggs on the move decision and good luck.
I really am going to do this unless something happens. Thanks for the kind offer of help. Looks like you're about three hours away. Had I moved a month ago, what...? Did you get my email?

I do convert the pics on my computer. I'm glad everyone is enjoying them. I need to get serious and get a tripod and start actually messing with f-stops and apertures and whatever so I can get even better pics.
I got your email and am working on my reply. If you had moved a month ago, I was out of work and had endless amounts of time to help. Sadly (well money is a good thing) now I am working and can only help on weekends. :)

Are you using film? Scanning and then editting? I just love my digital camera. No more wasted bad shots on film for me. No sir, digital from now on.