You're not da boss a me!

I'm working all weekend. Doesn't that just make me want to shit sunbeams. I've already decided I'm not doing a goddamn thing. In other words, business as usual. I use Windows at work. Are there any decent LJ clients for Windows? I'm trying LochJournal and it kind of sucks scissors. That's right, I'm a Mac user! Take a spin on my wang chung! There, I feel better.

I'm working, even though I'm the boss, because I'm having a bitch of a time hiring some part timers to work weekends. Alright see, I manage the physical security for a General Mills plant here. So, terrorists, come on down and poison our bread! The job is easy. So easy that it makes me lazy. Serious personality flaw in me. Once I'm out of ideas (do I have any?) for things to improve or initiate I just coast. I spend all my time at work on LJ and IRC. I should make my own challenges instead of waiting for them to come along but oh well. I blame my parents. And so should you.

Anyway, I've been interviewing applicants and walking them through all the paperwork they have to do to get hired. My company has exhaustive amounts of paperwork for new applicants. The initial application is 40 pages long! But hey, it's a security company so.... One of the first people I interviewed talked exactly like mass media portrays idiots. You know - "duuuh, I want a job, duuuuh." So help me, I swear he did! Even so, I was going to hire him because this job really could be done by monkeys. But he dropped out when we asked for his work history from more than 10 years ago. "Oh, I don't want to remember that part of my life. I'm a new person now. I can't recall details from back then." he said. That usually translates to "I was in jail for murder, sodomy, and bad language." Eeeeeeh, strike one. Another guy just kind of gave up because he was already working full time and just wanted to get on with us because we pay more and because I think he found it too much trouble to go through all that paperwork. Lack of committment. Eeeeeeh, strike two. Then I had a couple older women with mall hair. One of them just couldn't follow directions. A mistake on every piece of paperwork. It was an affront to my Type A asshole personality. Still, there's nothing preventing me from hiring her other than that I'm sure she'll screw up. I'd rather work the weekends and know things are going right. Mall hair number 2 was actually on her first day of training when our client's people saw her and recognized her as the mother of someone who used to work here and who was fired. Our client wasn't comfortable with having mall hair number 2 work here. So, bye bye. Fortunately we hadn't actually officially hired her yet. So the search goes on. Meanwhile I'm socking away the overtime money to buy a rifle and a tower to climb and shoot from.

In weather news, it's overcast with temperatures in the 50s and a touch of ennui in the air. Day before last we were overflown by 10 quadrillion geese. Had to change the Homeland Security alert status to red for fear of falling goose shit. I think the geese know something.
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