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Riding the short bus

Another barn?

I took a little drive in the country, today, on the Packerton Dam Rd., in Packerton, PA. Took a bunch of pictures which I'll be posting over at rural_ruin over the next couple days. Here is the first entry.

I sent my boss an email asking him to check with the New Orleans office for open positions. Whether there are open positions or not, I'm going. Despite being determined, I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do this. I don't have enough money for both an apartment and a U-Haul. There's just enough stuff that I don't want to leave behind that I think I'm going to have to go with the truck and deal with a place to live when I reach that bridge. Time to play the lottery.

Got behind a school bus on the way to work today. I saw one of those useless little fans inside that are supposed to cool off the driver. And isn't it amazing how an innocuous object like that can shoot you back in time. Suddenly it was 1968 and I was riding the school bus home from school in central Florida. At the beginning and end of the school year it would be blazing hot and maybe one of those little fans would be blowing hot air on our school bus driver. The buses were not air conditioned and if the driver had just left their house to pick us up the windows would still be closed. Those first on would open all the windows, crr-clack, crr-clack, crr-clack from front to back, and until the bus started moving it would be a long yellow oven inside. Often we would hurry and grab the seats over the wheel wells so the bumps in the road would be more severe. We would bounce on the seats in time with hitting the potholes. Sometimes we would bounce too high and bang our heads on the roof of the bus. We didn't care, we were having fun, laughing like little maniacs. Explains a few things, doesn't it.
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