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Dawn Tree

I don't have any new photos so I arty-farted up an old reject in The Gimp. I didn't want this post to be a total waste since the writing is not worth your time.

I went scouting for new photo subjects and I think I found gold in Packerton on the Packerton Dam Rd. near the Ukranian Homestead. First sunny day I should be able to get some good stuff for rural_ruin.

Speaking of sunny days, yesterday was frikkin' gorgeous. The Latin girls were in full effect. Ah, to be young again. Of course, the young hotties brought out the perverts. One of my people saw one from an upper level of our parking garage, sitting in his car, playing with his Mr. Mushroom. We called the cops and they gave him a cold shower with a firehose. Figuratively speaking.

On Monday I think I'm going to email my boss and ask him to put out feelers for openings at our office in New Orleans. I've only been on this site for two months so I hope I don't piss anybody off too much but it seems to me I ought to at least have an income if I'm going to pull up stakes and move back to NOLA.

I saw Sin City last night. Stopped at McDonalds first for a double Filet-O-Fish, cause I loves me some super-sized fried poison. Behind me, an old lady was sitting with her companions. I overheard her say, "I have wax in my ears." I couldn't hear what else she said because I have wax in my ears, too. It's bad enough that her conversation was completely inane. How bad is it that I'm posting it for all posterity?

Lately we've all been seeing CGI that nears reality. With Sin City you get reality that seeks to be CGI. I suspect Sin City is going to win some technical awards. It should. It's visually quite striking. I think, though, that when you translate one medium to another there's a boundary between adaptation and adulteration. This film crosses that boundary. No, it hacks that boundary to pieces and leaves it bleeding. The Sin City graphic novels denoted action with dramatic and bold inked lines. Translated to film those dramatic and bold lines became far too much. Combined with the ultra-violence, they overwhelmed. Also, the adolescence one finds in many American action films was tripled here. There was an amazing obsession with male genitals, particularly mutilation of same. How I yearn for the simplicity of Robert Rodriguez's early film, El Mariachi. I give Sin City two and a half gastropods out of five.
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