I'm thinking about putting all my eggs in one basket

More parrot fruit

Reading about motel666 's move to New Orleans has been making me think that the only way I'm ever going to get out of NE Pennsylvania is to unload everything I can and just go. Done that before but now tough to do with the cats. I'm thinking I'll either move back to New Orleans, or back to Portland, or else try Santa Cruz since I have a good friend there, or maybe Arizona. I would hate to be far from the ocean, though. In one month I'll hit my one year anniversary with my company. I'll be able to collect a week's vacation pay. That would be the time to go. I need advice. Or somebody with a line on an apartment.

The parrot laid her third egg a couple days ago, as I expected. I'm pretty sure she's done because her droppings have gone back to normal. That's right, I can tell what she's going to do by how she poops. Bring me your poop and I'll do a reading on you, too.

Only the last shot was taken with flash so these suck.

Jeebers sits on her eggs


Money shot
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oh, the ocean...
i MISS the ocean something fierce here in MN! i was born and bred on the East Coast, durnit!
I'll help you find a kick-ass apartmemt in NOLA, baby. :)

Listen. If I can make money shaking my ass, you can, too. Or we can find you something else. There are like a million fucking jobs in this town, which is hilarious because all the locals think they're in some kind of recession.

Compared to Seattle, this place is fucking booming.

Well that's it then. I'm doing it. I'm moving back. There is no freaking WAY I could make money shaking my ass, though. I assure you. The phrase "You're somebody's fetish." only goes so far.
Listen to me:

ANY FEMALE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD can make a living in the sex industry. It's not about looks, it's about pretending to give a shit for the pathetic freaks who go to strip clubs cause they're lonely.

Seriously, though, there are jobs galore here. If you want I'll totally help you find a good place to live, and once you're here, you'll have bunches of jobs to pick from. But get here soon, because you know everything closes down in the summer time.

Aren't you? I thought you were. Aren't you a lesbian?

Well, if you're a man, it's considerably harder to make money in the industry...but it can be done, with a full-body wax and a good gaff. :)

I'll still help you find a place, if you like.

But I'm also gonna ask you to carry my heavy stuff. :)

And I'm gonna continue to think of you as a big, butch lesbian, so I can perv on you.

You know, I am really seriously considering going back there. I better start checking Craig's List and the New Orleans communities here.
You know, I meant to mention in my post that the speckles on those eggs are because they're dirty. Her eggs are normally white. Chances are she probably wouldn't know the difference.