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I'm thinking about putting all my eggs in one basket

More parrot fruit

Reading about motel666 's move to New Orleans has been making me think that the only way I'm ever going to get out of NE Pennsylvania is to unload everything I can and just go. Done that before but now tough to do with the cats. I'm thinking I'll either move back to New Orleans, or back to Portland, or else try Santa Cruz since I have a good friend there, or maybe Arizona. I would hate to be far from the ocean, though. In one month I'll hit my one year anniversary with my company. I'll be able to collect a week's vacation pay. That would be the time to go. I need advice. Or somebody with a line on an apartment.

The parrot laid her third egg a couple days ago, as I expected. I'm pretty sure she's done because her droppings have gone back to normal. That's right, I can tell what she's going to do by how she poops. Bring me your poop and I'll do a reading on you, too.

Only the last shot was taken with flash so these suck.

Jeebers sits on her eggs


Money shot
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