I get to sleep in tomorrow

So let's start with some snow shots, beginning with the view outside my door yesterday morning.

Snow again

We move on to a cemetery on a hill along Rt. 209 just outside Nesquehoning, PA.


I wanted to drive right up there but I was afraid I would get stuck, so all you get is the morning quiet, the peaceful trees, the silent sanctity of the graveyard, and some guy standing in a parking lot holding a camera over his head to get an uphill shot. Oh wait, that's me.

I was back in Palmerton, PA today and I found a couple interesting buildings.



I also posted some more from Palmerton here and here.

I've been posting stuff from Palmerton a lot lately. The town is pretty interesting, architecturally, but it's really representative of Northeast small town America. All town squares, quiet tree lined streets, and xenophobia up the yin yang.

A while ago I picked up a copy of The DaVinci Code basically for free. I was curious to know what all the hype was about. But when, in the first few pages, I encountered a skulking, gun-toting, self-flagellating, murderously fanatic, albino psychopath assassin I realized maybe this was just too fantastic for me. I think I'll just stick to Harry Potter. Well, no, actually I grabbed A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. I rather like history and the point of view on this one should be quite refreshing.

Thinking of history teachers like Zinn reminds me of the college professor we had with us on our ship while I was in the Navy overseas. He was from Harold Washington College in Chicago. This guy, and as usual I can't remember names, just used to rivet me with his lectures, even with the "classroom" doing 20 degree rolls from side to side. But there was a reason he was teaching on a destroyer in the Atlantic Ocean instead of in a classroom somewhere. When we hit port this guy would drink, and I don't mean "let's get drunk" drinking, I mean "maybe this time I'll die of alcohol poisoning, if I'm lucky" drinking. This man was running away from something big time. I'm sorry I never found out what. I really liked him. I can still see him in my mind's eye, in the E-Club in Bahrain, slamming back whiskeys and beer, his nose bright bright red. I wonder what ever happened to him.
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i have friended you. i enjoy your words and your pix!
(if you don't like this idea or my boring posts annoy you, let me know!)
I couldn't get through Da Vinci's Code because, IMO, the writing sucks. I know my writing sucks but I can't seem to stand it in others - funny how that works.

Somewhere on The Daily Show site, there is a brilliant piece on the Catholic Church's recent stand on the book. Oh, and Carrel made an appearance this past week. It's up on the board as well should you want to see it, and I think you do.

In terms of spring and animals, Zorro is humping the sweater I "donated" to him over five times a day. I like to try and remove the piece he grabs in his mouth because he emits a distinctive growl that's meant to frighten me. I laugh while he then jumps down to lick his little Christmas light bulb.
You always tip me off to the greatest things. I [heart] you for that. How are you sweetie-darling? Tell mummy.

Christmas light bulb?
All are most welcome. The thing I like most about my flist is its variety. I have all ages on it and the varying viewpoints are very enlightening. I've had a glance at your LJ and have enjoyed it.