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The parrot is up to two eggs and I fully anticipate one more.

Yesterday it was sunny and almost 60 degrees. Today it was rainy, snowy, sleety, and slushy. All promises of Spring rescinded.

It never ceases to astonish me, how different snow can be. The other day about an inch fell and it was so light and fluffy it just blew away. Like TV snow. Today there was a mix of sleet and snow at work and it was heavy and wet and sloppy. Like a flavorless Slurpee. Then I made the mistake of deciding to drive home after working a double. I knew there would be more snow as I drove up the mountain to home but I really didn't expect the roads to be like they were. You know how hard packed dirt roads are where, after awhile, they become like ridged washboards and your car goes BRRRRUUUUMMMBBLLEE as you drive down them? That's what the unplowed snowy roads were like as I went up and down the hills to home. In the dark. With snow falling. Worst I've ever driven in. At two places there were fire rescue units and vehicles off the road. Flashing red lights and flares flaring flarily up out of the black and reflecting off the snow. Scared the crap out of me. So what do I do? I post about it.

But it's all okay because I saw this bouncing down the alley the other day:

The Pink Balloon
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Altogether, this post makes me smile. (And I am glad you got home safely!)

I loved the balloon, and I wonder who else in the world could be saying this today: "The parrot is up to two eggs and I fully anticipate one more"
Wow, parrot eggs! Cool! I really like the picture too. The balloon seems to be smiling knowingly.