The *worst* time to be laying eggs

By request, and because my parrot has decided she's laying a clutch of eggs and everything else be damned.

Parrot fruit

I had hoped pulling the first egg and taking her mind off nesting would prevent just this from happening but it looks like she's determined and I'm not going to pull any more until the typical gestation time of about 28 days. She's liable to lay at least two more. If I were to keep pulling them she might keep laying and laying until she did herself in.

Look at the relative size of that egg!! And that's not the biggest she's ever laid either!

EDIT: My frikkin' LJ software set the comments to disabled again. Dammit. Now they're re-enabled.
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parrot eggs rock! you mean to tell me your parrot has laid bigger eggs than this? what's the name of your parrot?
and take another picture of both eggs!
does she sit on them?