You're dead, baby

Hands up. How many people have gone to karate class and ended up at a funeral viewing instead? Hmm? Just me?

Zactly what happened. Arrived at karate class and was told that the senior student's mother had passed away after a short bout with cancer. It's a very close knit school. So, even though I was in jeans and a t-shirt we all went up to the funeral home.

The line to view the deceased was about a mile long. This woman was so popular she must have been in the mafia. They did a hell of a job on her. A little too much makeup on her nose but other than that I thought sure she was going to sit up any minute. Couple people were giving me the eye for being there in jeans and a t-shirt. I kept my coat on since it had been raining outside but I was waiting for somebody to make a crack. Cause I was embarrassed, naturally. If somebody had commented I would have said, "Which do you think is better when finding out about this 10 minutes ago - Not go because I'm wearing a t-shirt, or come and show some respect and sympathy? Hmm? Assclown."

After the viewing a few of us went down to the bar across from the karate school. Had a couple beers and a shot of Galliano. Played the jukebox and some pool. So now I gained weight on a Tuesday instead of sweating it off. On the plus side, the lot of us could have probably had a hell of a bar fight.
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