This is for the birds


We start with a crappy swan on top of somebody's wall to symbolize my parrot who did exactly what I predicted and laid an egg. Tis the season.

The Destroyer of Worlds

I immediately pulled that parrot fruit and distracted her with flight and food so she wouldn't follow through and lay a clutch. It's a couple days later and I think I was successful. No more eggs so far. Let me tell you, her eggs are gi-normous! I don't know how she gets them out of her body. I'm tempted to cook and eat one. Am I a fiend?

I think Spring has officially sprung. At least everyone here believes it has. There were motorcycles everywhere. Also squirrels. Everywhere. Many of them flattened on the road. You know what I say about squirrels that run out into the road and get squashed by cars don't you? I say that they won't have the guts to try that again. BWAHAHAHAHA !!!!111one!! Also, probably only fidgety and little_spyke understand this but Rita's is open again.

We begin with St. Vladimir Catholic Church in Palmerton, PA

St Vladimir Catholic Church

Right down the street we have St. Peter and Paul Greek Catholic Church. It's all about the domes, man.

St. Peter and Paul Greek Catholic Church

St. P and P 2

St. P and P 3

Can you see the moon in that last one? Boy I tell you, with all these churches and the abandoned factory down the road and the run down houses I felt like I had just stepped into The Deerhunter. Just remember this: Religion is in the churches, God is in the bushes

Finally, does anybody think that Chicken Cheddar Jack Wrap is a good name for a food item? It sounds like something derogatory you would hear in south Philadelphia. "What is wrong with you, you chicken cheddar jack wrap!"
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It's kinda weird to think that parrots lay eggs. I mean, I know they're birds and they're supposed to lay eggs but the only eggs I've been exposed to were the ones that popped out of chickens. Will you take a pic of the parrot egg?
Religion is in the churches, God is in the bushes

Startled: yes! What a line!

(I love the swan photograph.)