Dinner and a movie

I had dinner at the Hi-Way Family Diner again. I'm getting addicted to that place. Live I've said before, the food is rather plain but there's a lot of it. I always eat slow and savor the meal and the atmosphere. As a young gastropod that used to drive my mother crazy, me eating slow. I would pick and prod at my food and you'd hear a whistling coming from the kitchen. You'd think it was the tea kettle but no, it was my mother's brain, five seconds before her head would explode.

An older couple came into the diner. The hostess led them to the booth behind mine, in the section lit with blue neon.

Hi-Way Family Diner Interior

The man quipped, "We'll have the blue plate special!"

"Tee hee hee!" giggled the hostess, "That was pretty funny, actually."

The waitress came out. "Oh, it's the Doctor and his wife!" she cried.

"Hey Dottie, we're going to have the blue plate special!" said the Doctor, repeating his earlier joke of but a moment ago. Ha Ha Ha Cackle cackle. Laughs all round. That's when I turned and stabbed him with my salad fork.

PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF!!! Say that joke again and watch what happens you quivering sack of protoplasm!!! Then I was arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to the electric chair.

The End.

Pretty soon my Netflix list will be yielding up Stephen Spielberg's 1941. I don't care what anybody says, I love that movie. Dan Aykroyd with panty hose and two oranges on his head shrieking, "I'm a bug! I'm a bug!" John Belushi shooting up everything in his warplane. And the incomparable Wendie Jo Sperber, who knows more in her little finger about making fat funny than Kirstie Allie will EVER know.

Once again, because it's entirely too much of a pain in the tuchus to switch the wires around in order to record on my VCR, I'm going to bed early so I can get up at 11 pm and watch Battlestar Galactica before re-retiring until it's time to get up for work. The programming weasels at the Sci Fi channel are seriously shitting in my coffee with putting this show on so late so they can lead in with that laxative of a franchise they call Stargate. I'll probably dream about the show again afterward, and you can bet I'll write all about it faithful readers. Until then, everybody can just bite me.
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Current Mood: moody

Like I say, you're hysterically funny even when you're gloomy.


Whew! I figured I'd jumped the shark at last.

I'm thinking next week will be darker--the inside of Lord Mandible's evil mind.
Wow. I haven't seen Wendie Jo Sperber's name since Bosom Buddies!

I see that we've mutually added each other, so just thought I'd drop a comment and say hello!