How come I can't stick to just one topic?

Okay, so first of all, who wants a Red Bull?

Red bull

Come on, it'll give you wings.

Ok, well, I was taking pictures here and there and I also snagged the following off a building a half block away using zoom. I also scaled the picture up which is why it looks lossy.

Moose lodge

I guess it must be a Moose Lodge or something. I'll wander over there someday and see.

I got a glimpse into the psychology of the screaming woman downstairs. I learned that her dogs' names are Lexus and Reno. Both things associated with money in some way. They're not the same two dogs she had when she first moved in. She started out with a small yappy dog and a rottweiler. The rottweiler soon disappeared and was replaced with Lexus, an anemic looking collie. Now the small yappy dog has been replaced by another small yappy dog named Reno. I don't know what she's doing with the dogs. Today she was yelling at them, as she does at everything. "If you don't get over here I'm going to kick your ass!!" she screamed. That tack doesn't work with her kids, why would she expect it to work on her dogs? Why do high strung people always get nervous dogs in the first place? Another similarity between her dogs and her children is that they both roll their eyes and show the whites all the time, like scared horses. I'm simultaneously happy and sad that she has two girls. If she had boys they would probably turn out to be serial killers or something equally horrendous. Who knows what the girls will turn out to be. Nothing good, I'm sure. Breaks my heart.

I've run out of vacuum cleaner bags. Can't just go to Walmart and get more, either. My vacuum is an Electrolux manufactured in 1960. I picked it up off a sidewalk where it was waiting for the trash man. It's dented and bruised but it still works like a champ even though it's as old as I am. I still suck more, though, because I forgot to stock up on bags.

seaslug out.
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i added you because you represent the slug community. i like slugs too! :)
I swear, you are so funny.

My nephew lives in an apartment, and the woman below him is one of those old mean women who frown at everyone. She has two yippy dogs, and when Matthew enters the building they start up and even hurl themselves against the door, trying to get to him.

They keep this up until he's upstairs and inside his apartment.

Yet this woman calls and complains when Matthew turns up his television too loud...

He came home from work one day to find his building surrounded by police cars. He had to get permission from the police to go up to his apartment.

Apparently the two men who lived directly across from him--both in their early twenties--had decided to get high and add to their pleasure by putting plastic bags over their faces. They were both found dead!

as my ex used to work for Electrolux, I have a wealth of almost useless knowledge for you.

1) You can call Electrolux and have them deliver your bags for you.

2) If they no longer make bags for that particular model it's an almost sure bet that (if you lie and say the vacuum belongs to you and that it's been in your family since it was bought) that they will replace it for you. (you may have to pay, but not anywhere close to the actuall price.)

3) Once you become acquainted with a representative, they are your slave until they quit, you can call them at almost any time to order bags, rug cleanings and shampoos, vacuum maintenance, anything.

now this was in piddly assed upstate NY, so I'm not sure if the same rules will apply where you are, but it's worth a try.
new friend
Hi, is it okay if I add you to my friends list? We're both in the found objects community, and I love your LJ.
1. Gimme a Red Bull w/Jaeger
2. Your journal is difficult to reply to (logistically).
This fancy version of livejournal is difficult to navigate when intoxicated... I always click on the wrong button.