Human behavior

This post is mostly for castevet who, I think, isn't quite frazzled enough, yet, about her new promotion.

Things have been really stressful in my company lately. At least in my branch office. Every time I call my new boss he starts talking about how much work he has to do and how he's thinking of quitting. My old boss is super stressed, too, because of all the additional work that's come along. It's all new business so everybody ought to be happy about profit, but they're not.

Monday I found out my boss's boss, the branch manager of Philadelphia, is resigning. He's only been with my company for three years. Before this he was in charge of the Philadelphia branch of the FBI for, like, decades. And my company wore him down in three years. It's because of his boss, the regional manager. Despite all the new business, the regional manager is threatening to get rid of one of the site managers. Right when there's all these new accounts starting up. Does that make sense? No. My boss thinks it's because the regional manager doesn't like the branch manager and has it in for him. The branch manager told me he was just tired of all the driving he was having to do. He said he was practically living in his car. I know this to be true, at least.

So the site managers are discouraged which makes me discouraged on top of being sick of having morons for staff. I'm already starting to hear the rationalizations in my head for quitting. Quite frankly, I have to admit I don't particularly like being a supervisor. I've been one, off and on, for years, with one company or another. I thought, for awhile, that maybe I could give it a go with this company and rise through the ranks but now I'm not sure. At this point in my life I don't have much in the way of expenses and I could get by with a no responsibility job somewhere. I want to move back to where it doesn't snow. I wouldn't mind going back to the Pacific Northwest if it wasn't so expensive. I keep thinking about Arizona. Alright, can you hear the rationalizations leaking out?

I got a haircut, today, and as soon as I walked outside my head froze solid. Amazing how well hair insulates. Since it's almost Easter I thought it was high time for a chocolate bunny so I bought one. Quick survey: ears first, or feet? At least one of you sicko's is going to say they start at the ass.
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I get to be the sicko that says start with the ass! *does happy dance* Anyway, I read one of your entries in note to cat and decided to check out your journal. Hope you don't mind me adding you. :)