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Update: Because I know you care

Yesterday it was 65 degrees and sunny, this morning it was raining, then snowing and windy like whoa, with temps in the 20s and windchill bloody freezing cold!. And why is it only my town that doesn't plow right? Huh? GAH!

Saw a sign on a local diner. Didn't get a chance to snap a pic. It said

Well, I suppose that's a good idea if you're going to work at a restaurant.

I've been getting the original Outer Limits series from Netflix. Monster of the Week show they used to call it. Takes me back to my days as a young mollusc. Me and my neighbor, Lance Holden, used to go across the street to our friend's house on the lake. I used to love that house. It was a split level, built on the slope that went down to the lake. I grew up in Florida so I used to see mostly ranch houses. I grew up in a ranch house. Houses with stairs were a novelty. We would watch Outer Limits downstairs, on the lake side of the house and then walk right out the back door to the beach and pitch empty Apple Snail shells around.

Lance Holden and I didn't stay friends for long. Him and his sister Lucy were both mean cusses. They were from Mississippi and though I don't think that's what made them mean, I don't think it helped, either. Lance went on to become a lawyer when he grew up.

That's it.
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