I have to side with windswept and say Constantine was an enjoyable film. Not a great film by any means. Just a fluffy, fun, popcorn genre film. Peter Stormare played the best Satan I've seen in a while. Maybe since Viggo Mortensen played the debbil in The Prophecy. I also thought Tilda Swinton rocked as Gabriel but not as much as Christopher Walken's Gabriel. I'm trying to figure out where I've heard the accent Keanu used in this film before. If you see this film, stay through the end credits. If you saw the film and left before the credits were over then serves you right for not showing respect for all the people that go into making a movie. You missed a cool last scene.
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Come now, you know you want Keanu's bawdy little washboard stomach pressed tightly against you as you spoon lazily, buried beneath a thick warm comforter and freshly washed white cotton sheets, Keanu lustily breathing the words, "I know kung fu" into your ear.