You, sir, are a poltroon

I was watching the movie Zatoichi the other day. Zatoichi is a very popular character in Japan, I believe. Zatoichi is a blind masseuse and swordsman for hire. Lots of movies and tv shows about him. This particular film had a fairly standard story. Zatoichi is hired by a group of gangsters who are in a quarrel with another group of gangsters. The other group of gangsters has also hired an expert swordsman. So you have a couple of teams with ringers. Or, put another way, it's an arms race.

As you might expect in a Japanese samurai film, Zatoichi and the other swordsman meet early in the film and become friends. Both of them are cooling their heels while waiting for the two gang leaders to declare war on each other and they meet down at the river while fishing. In the climax, naturally, the two duel. The other swordsman demands/requests it of Zatoichi since he's dying of consumption of all things and wants to "die with his boots on" as it were. Zatoichi complies by slicin' and dicin'.

Frankly, I think dueling should be legal. There would be a new found interest in manners if there was a chance somebody was going to call you out. Wouldn't need lawyers anymore. If you didn't show up for the duel everybody would know you were a coward and that would be the end of your rep.

I also think martial arts training should be cumpulsory in school. Fencing, shooting, hand to hand. A lot better than having to go through football with the fat, tobacco chewing, retard coach who also fills in for English class from time to time.
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