I stopped by the Hi-Way Family Diner for dinner on the way home from work tonight. You get such huge portions on their dinner specials. Plus, they throw in dessert.

Neon ice cream

A man had a seizure on the sidewalk in front of work, today. I went out to help and saw him flat on his back, his eyes closed, his breathing labored. I turned him on his side. Seconds later, his eyes shot open. His pupils shrank to pin pricks and, suddenly, he was gazing a million miles and 16 dimensions away. It was the first time I truly understood the phrase "far away look". He vomited but he had nothing in his stomach so all that came out were thick, ropey strands of mucous. And his pancreas. He began to recover and he jumped to his feet. I thought he was going to clock me and I leapt back. But then I was able to get him to sit back down until EMS got there. He came back to himself in the ambulance and that was about it. I never saw a grand mal seizure up close before. It was freakalicious.
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