I'm not dealing with the snow

I decided not to drive in the snow tonight so I got a room in the hotel across the street from work. I took a couple pics through my hotel window and we'll see what the morrow brings as well.

Downtown Allentown from my hotel window

PP&L Tower
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It was worth it just to get that wonderful gold shot of the building.

Glad you decided to stay in and be safe.
I enjoy hotels. 'Twould be keen to live in one full time.
Living in a hotel the rest of my life is my ultimate goal. I became enamored of expensive hotels when I first started going to MacWorld in San Francisco. I lived in sin for the week with a married woman from Seattle in the ANA Hotel, right up the street from Moscone Center. We would look at Mac stuff during the day, followed by a leisurely supper, and then she would creatively satisfy my fetish for women smoking cigarettes, followed by my fetish for women wearing glasses followed by my fetish for women in expensive hotels wearing complimentary white monogrammed terrycloth robes and nothing else.
I found it rather eye catching my self, having never seen those particular buildings from that particular angle before. I'm glad you liked it. :)