The drive home

I don't have much to say about the drive home, today. The snow started falling after noon. Not too bad, the roads were fairly clear. We'll see what happens overnight. Meanwhile, here are some shots taken through my windshield as I made my way up the mountain. You can't see it, but the snow is falling pretty good.

The drive up the mountain

You can't see it but the snow is falling

On the move, taken out the windshield
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Breathtaking photographs. I assume you got home without difficulty? Even though you were going up a mountain?

The church photo was pretty enough for a desktop picture.
I did get home safely. But the snow is still coming down and I'd say there's about 4 inches out there right now. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be interesting.

I'm glad you liked the church photo. I should have left a copy at a higher resolution.
umm my comment seems to have lost a line in
publication and is incoherant. my little thought
was that your first two pictures reminded of
the opening sequence of Cinerama.