Another entry in the "what I did today" series

On the commute home, tonight, I ran into several gaggles of geese honk honk honking their way north. Seems a bit early for that.

Geese Flying North 1

Geese Flying North 2

There was an Italian restaurant on the way I decided to try. The food wasn't special but they had an aquarium.

Fishtank at the Rosaria Italian Restaurant

I complain about my long commute but there are good things about it, too. It gives me time to reflect (when I'm not falling asleep at the wheel) and there are a lot of things I want to stop and take pictures of. So I will.
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I've thought about getting a cheap little digital camera to keep in the Jeep, because it always seems like I'm saying "I wish I had the camera with me ...". Mine is too big, (and too expensive to me, though probably not to others) to risk it getting damaged or stolen staying in the truck, so it only goes on "trips to take pictures". But the neat stuff, the double rainbows and cows on the expressway, never happens when I have the camera!

I love the 2nd picture.
I carry my rather expensive one in the pocket of my coat most of the time. Sooner or later it's going to get busted.
Mine won't fit in my pocket. Heck, with a lens on it, I don't think I could hide it anywhere on me. And I'm not allowed to have a camera in the building at work (punishable by termination) ... I really need like a little older model "elf" or something. Compact and transportable.

Snow tomorrow. Good pictures perhaps ...
Yeah those Elphs, man. I love the Canon cameras. I have a Canon A95. Not the most compact but quite versatile. Or will be when I learn a bit more how to use it.

Snow! Bah! I'll probably have to drive in it on the way home from work tonight. I've a good mind to just stay in the hotel across from work.
I felt quite peaceful, reading about your trip home and looking at the photographs.