Far and away

Egypt Star Bakery

This is the Egypt Star Bakery sign. I pass this sign every day and every day it catches my eye. It's not because it's a bakery. I'm no fan of baked goods. No, it's because of the name! Egypt Star! Egypt Star is what you name a ship. Every day I imagine it's 1880 and I'm sailing up the Nile on a steam powered paddle wheeler called the Egypt Star. In his book, Travelling the Equator, Mark Twain wrote about his Indian servant, whom he nicknamed Satan. If I were traveling up the Nile on the paddle wheeler Egypt Star I would have a manservant whom I would call Beelzebub, because I don't have an original thought in my entire misshapen head. I would tell jokes about shooting elephants in my pajamas and how an elephant got in my pajamas I would have no frikkin idea.

And you know, it's not just the name. It's how some of the sign is burned out. It speaks of history. A long, hard history. How many stories are saved up in the electrically excited molecules of that noble gas? One of these days I'll actually go inside the store and ask.

castevet and her tomato, drnola, the cutest couple on earth, will soon be winging their way to Lost Wages, Nevada. Be safe, be careful, have fun, don't gamble all your money away, and for the sake of the sweet zombie jesus turn off those goddamn lights!
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