Skip it. This is just whining and crying.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home tonight. It's bitter cold and windy. I'm tired of my 100 mile a day commute but I can't afford to get an apartment right now, certainly not with the $105 I'm going to have to fork over for the ticket. I'm jealous of ravenface and jackiejj and naamah_darling and others on my flist for being such good writers (or at least bloggers). I'm not getting any part of the three day weekend off and, in fact, have not scheduled myself a day off for the foreseeable future because of my staffing issues. When I transferred to this account my company changed me from hourly to salary and started charging me more for my insurance. I haven't seen my first check under this new setup yet but some preliminary calculations suggest that, with the loss of any overtime (and I've been working no less than 60 hours a week these past three weeks), plus the additional costs of working here ( fuel for now and higher rents to come), I seem to have taken a pay cut. I'm this [ ] close to cutting my losses and quitting and heading for someplace warm. I wish the sun would go out and the whole world would just freeze solid. But before my wish comes true you should all go and see what I ganked from jackiejj - the Numa Numa Dance. Click on Watch This Movie, and choose the version without subtitles. And then bite me.
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You are so funny, even when you're sad and surly.

I'm sorry about your ticket.

If you find out you got a pay cut, go to Plan B.