Okay, first, here's a picture of one of the many frozen waterfalls on the cliffs that surround Jim Thorpe (formerly Mauch Chunk), PA.

Frozen waterfall

You can't see it but there's a little food coloring scattered on it in red and blue. They do that here for some reason. I'm hoping to spot a frozen waterfall with lots of color some time this winter.

A new Survivor started tonight and I'm watching it, quite by chance. I don't typically follow Survivor so it's a shame that I caught the first episode of this season because now I'll be motivated to tune in. For awhile, anyway.

I yelled at Dipshit today. She came in with a list of days she wanted off and that was just it. She's not a team player by any means. Everyone else on my staff has pitched in and worked long hours and really tried to make the new account a success. All Dipshit has done is complain and make demands and not bother to learn her job. She even asked me to arrange her schedule so she could go to ANOTHER JOB INTERVIEW. I couldn't take it anymore and yelled at her.

Incidentally, I'm a misanthrope and misanthropes don't make good leaders.

Finally, my right ear is stuffed up from me sniffling and now I'm half deaf in it.
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That's beautiful. I used to see the ice driving up the turnpike when my parents lived upstate, but it was never colored :(
i want a purple and green frozen waterfall...

dipshit really sounds like she's the brightest crayon in the box. [/sarcasm] i would have yelled at her too.
What a great photo!

I watched the first Survivor episode, too, and found I wanted that singing teacher voted off...poor thing, but she was doomed...

Is it my imagination, or are the contestants more gorgeous each year?

Anyway, I like looking at the scenery.

Sorry your ear is stuffy and that you are still ill. Spring's coming!

They're putting ringers in all the reality series to spruce em up and are, therefore, ruining them, if that's possible.

And how would you like to be a person who gets thrown off a show before the show has even started?! What was up with that? Pointless elimination.

You know what's really freaky deaky about my ear? When I drive down the mountain to work my ear unplugs. When I drive back up at night and the pressure changes I'm deaf again. Ye gods in hemlock!