Snapped some pics of the many beautiful old diners around here. Still trying to find out some history.

Diner on the corner of 9th & Linden, Allentown PA

City View Diner 1 City View Diner 2
City View Diner 3

Whitehall Family Diner 1 Whitehall Family Diner 2

Hi-Way Family Diner Hi-Way Family Diner Interior

The food at this last place, the Hi-Way Family Diner, was pretty good and the portions generous. I really felt like a time traveller to the days before McDonalds and Wendy's.

As a very young mollusc my family and I used to travel to Daytona Beach and these diners remind me of nothing so much as the Krystal they used to have on the strip. All chrome with millions of lightbulbs. Unfortunately we never ate there, but how I loved to drive past it at night.

As always full size versions are at my Flickr page.
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