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I just don't have any patience at all with stupid people.

One of my new employees is named Sue but for the purposes of this exercise we'll refer to her as Dipshit. So, I'm walking around the parking garage checking the intercoms. The intercoms dial out to the front desk phone. I had already instructed Dipshit on the proper way to answer the phone. The first time she answered the phone incorrectly. That's okay, everyone makes mistakes. But all she has to say is "Plaza Security, Dipshit speaking." or "Plaza Security, this is Dipshit." She continued to answer the phone incorrectly ten more times as I went from intercom to intercom despite my repeating the preferred way for her every time. I've spent the majority of the last two days training Dipshit instead of doing my job. She can't seem to retain knowledge. Also, she folds under pressure. I've already re-arranged the schedule for next week to get her out of everyone's hair. I'll probably get rid of her since I'm trying to hire a few part timers anyway.

Understand that it's not because she's a woman. I hired the last three women at my last site and they're terrific. I didn't hire Dipshit but I did interview her so it's partly my own fault. How could my boss and I have forgotten to ask if she could use a computer? It's a major part of the job. Ugh. I was hoping I could say something clever or funny about this but I'm too tired.

Incidentally, did you know that Hoboken, New Jersey makes certain women look like Bette Midler when, under other circumstances, they would not look like her at all? Now you do.
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