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What a week.

Because of this flu I'm not thinking straight. I left my car doors open last night and somebody went in there and took my Walkman type CD player, the Life Aquatic sountrack that was in it!!! alfjasdfkjdaflk, my little powerful flashlight, my cellphone car charger and my cellphone headset. It's those damn teenagers at the end of the block, I just know it. I have to park my car down there a lot and they just have to look in the car window and take inventory as they go in their house.

The flu is mostly gone but I still feel like a wrung-out dishrag. The flu is giving me weird dreams, too.

Last night I dreamt that I was just leaving a vacation in Germany. It was some time in the late 30's. I had been joined, just before the dream started (or so I understood it in my dreaming mind), by a woman whom I knew to be a Jew but who was pretending not to be in order to escape the country. We were in some sort of customs office. It was huge. Everything was sepia toned, like an old film or picture.

The woman behind the counter was just completing some sort of test involving holy water contained in a silver religious vessel of some kind to see if either of us were Jews. My new companion and I both passed, much to the surprise of the customs woman. It was evident to the customs woman that my companion and I had not come into the country together. We had had to give our hotel room numbers and they were clearly, in dream clarity, from different hotels. Nevertheless, the customs woman passed us through with a bit of a smirk.

A porter, or some sort of menial, approached and whispered code words to me that have since faded from memory. He gave me six silver American dimes. The dimes were not sepia toned and stood out in stark relief in my palm. Apparently, I was to use the code words and the dimes at some future time once I was out of Germany but I had no idea when or where.

The porter took my companion and I into a lunchroom reserved for Jewish servants of the customs office. Suddenly, everything was in full color. I became frightened, thinking that we would be discovered if we loitered in the Jewish section of the office. I called out to the porter, "Why did you bring us here?"

Suddenly, my companion and I noticed a woman sitting at a table with her back to us. She was wearing what I would think of as a typical 40's American hairstyle. I immediately knew, without anyone telling me, that this woman looked a great deal like my companion's mother. We both approached the woman in order to get a better look. The woman's face was lined and careworn. She was lost in thought and looked very sad. Again, neither of us speaking, my companion and I both recognized that this was not my companion's mother.

And then I woke up.
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