I want to say the flu gives one clarity of vision but I think what it really does is cause one to completely eliminate the extraneous, and when you have the flu almost everything is extraneous.

I was watching the Conan repeat on CNBC last night. He had some comedian on, Harlan Wilson or Wilson Harlan or something. I know they do this as a matter of course but it was so clear that the entire segment had been scripted, with Conan playing the straight guy and setting up all of the comedian's jokes. Conan tried to throw him off a bit and do some ad lib but the comedian was having none of it. There was not one bit of actual conversation. I guess after you gain a certain bit of fame you don't have to do a shtick in front of the audience but actually get to sit in a chair with the host. What a waste this guy was.

You know what's really bad is I'm hungry, my stomach is growling, but the thought of food is gross. I can't even visualize soup. I'm drinking some orange juice and i'll try to eat the raisins I brought but blek!

By the way, I like the taste of Pepto Bismol, okay? If it was a soda, I'd drink it. But I bought the new cherry flavored version recently and that stuff is NASTY!
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That totally sucks ass. I thought you were feeling better but, much like Rick James, these bugs can return and bitch slap you just when you think you're free and clear.

Be well soonly.