Frickin' frick

I broke LJ. Yes, it was me. I had started to post about how I had left my ATM card in the bank machine because I was distracted by a call on my cellphone, and because Diebold's bank machine user interfaces were designed by retarded lemurs... I'm sorry, differently-abled lemurs. I had also started to post about jackiejj linking to pictures of Saturn's moon, Titan, and how I was going to watch the new episodes of Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica (which rocked, by the way) in honor of that. I hit the Post button on my LJ software and that was it. Suddenly LJ was gone.

So, it was my fault LJ broke. I hope you'll forgive me. But if you won't forgive me I warn you that my eclectic, strange, and ultimately meaningless life has left me heavily armed, with no family, few friends, and fewer prospects, so if you come for me I promise I'll kick your butts so hard and fast you'll think you're levitating. You'll also have to forgive my bravado because I just got back from House of Flying Daggers and Chinese fight scenes always leave me with an itch.

House of Flying Daggers is the first of Zhang Yimou's films that I didn't walk away from feeling awe. The cinematography and scenery were magnificent, the costumes gorgeous, the actors, including the delicious Zhang Ziyi, superlative, but somehow the story seemed one I had seen already too often, the direction appeared frenetic and overly broad, the fight choreography somehow over the top for this film, if you can imagine such a thing in Chinese cinema. It's a well done film, but I just couldn't connect with it.

I think it may be because I had first seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. In my mind this film is a cinematic masterpiece. Admittedly, I've loved everything Wes Anderson has ever done and he just outdid himself with this work. Of course, it helped that some of my favorite actors - Bill Murray, Angelica Huston, Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum - were all here. The story is otherworldly, bizarre, and absolutely hilarious. It's Jacques Cousteau meets Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension. Bill Murray is simply a god. He gets better every film he makes. And the music!! Imagine vintage David Bowie covers adapted and sung in Portuguese by Seu Jorge, a Brazilian actor and musician. I must get the soundtrack. Oh, and the surreal CGI fantasy marine creatures! The electric jellyfish, albino porpoises, research turtles, candy crabs, rhinestone tuna, and the infamous Jaguar Shark. Madness and delight. This is my new favorite film. At least until I watch Taxi Driver again. As it is I'll doubtlessly be dreaming, tonight, of group sex with Bill Murray, Angelica Huston, and Jodie Foster, who will be wearing bright red pleather hotpants.

But first I have to start the new mystery novel I picked up on the way home - Out, by Natsuo Kirino. Apparently she's quite famous in Japan but this is her first work translated into English. It appears to be the story of a woman who kills her abusive husband and then enlists the aid of her friends in covering it up. The story then takes a journey through the dark underbelly of Japanese society. I'm putting all my other started novels down because I can't wait for this one.

But really first, I have to catch up on my flist. It's all I can do since my journal is still read only. This is going to be out of date before it's even posted.
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I forgive you! I had Real Life yesterday instead. It felt odd, to walk around outside. I petted the dog, ruffled his ears.

I read a book! Walked in the park!

Wrote a VERY LONG POST in Word...(I noticed this morning that everybody else did, too!)

I made some resolutions--I really am gonna revise my novel by April. Two hours a day, and then a long walk.

So thank you!


As for the movies, I was bowled over by Crouching Tiger, etc., and then there was the next one with the thrilling scene in the autumn leaves--how many more of these could possibly startle us?

I totally agree with you about Bill Murray and Beyond the Sea--did you know that those awful blue and yellow shoes are an instant cult yearning? The manufacturer says, Naaah, we will never make them again. Wanna bet?

Thanks for the review--makes me want to go see Bill again.

I saw In Good Company yesterday. It was excellent! Funny, well directed--it was a no-check-your-watch-in-dim-light-to-see-how-much-longer movie!