Waiter, I'll have an arsenic with a side of cyanide.


I have so much to do!! I have to write some final updates for the employee manual here. I have to read through the current materials available and write a brand new employee manual for the new account I'm starting up. I have to try and find time to meet with the new client while still working with the old client. I have to find an apartment. I have to try and sneak out of my apartment without having to hear the landlord howl about the damage my parrot has done. I have to get the cats to the vet to get rid of what I think are tapeworms. I have to try and hire my replacement or promote from within and replace that person and probably train them. I have to continue to assist in hiring people for my new account. I have to train them. I know there's something I'm forgetting.

I'm going to do what all successful people do in these situations. I'm going to ignore it and hope it goes away. Well, not really. Right now I'm going to see about updating the employee manual here. That shouldn't take too long. Part of it I already wrote in another document. Copy paste. Then I'm going to call the vet. Then I'm going to look for apartments online. Then I'm going to hope for no more bad weather so I can actually drive down to Allentown on what will certainly be a regular basis from now on.
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