Shaun of the Dead Kicks Ass!

I drove 40 miles one way to see Shaun of the Dead because I knew this film was going to roxxor!

One of the proletariat was driving in a pickup truck ahead of me part of the way along. He must have adjusted his ball cap 27 times while staring at himself in the mirror. Did he truly think the ball cap made him look better?

Suddenly traffic on the Interstate comes to a crawl and I'm like, "Fuck, an accident! I'm going to miss it!" Turns out some genius hit a deer. Man, that deer looked like a science experiment. Spleen over here, pancreas over there, head just plain gone. That animal took a serious bite out of some American steel before its head was flung into outer space, though. Creamed the car of the guy who killed it. So all the blood and guts had set the mood already and I wasn't even in the theater yet! I absolutely have to get a digital camera and carry it with me at all times. Scenes like that are primo.

I got to the theater in plenty of time. The manager looked a bit like a zombie himself, stooping over the ushers and whispering directions but looking like he was going to take a healthy bite of somebody's neck. He also looked a bit like a pedophile but that was a buzzkill so I didn't dwell. The manager looking like a zombie foreshadowed a running gag/social commentary early in the movie.

So finally the film was off and running. I want to quote Harry Knowles over at --

"This film can be enjoyed on multiple levels. The key level is that this is a complete film. A make you laugh, cry, cheer & clap old school holy sweet Jesus this is what I’m talking about WOW! The film has characters that are clearly defined and developed. Dialogue that you find yourself quoting. Songs you want to sing with. Scenes that you want to gather your friends together and reenact. As the movie continues to play into October, you’ll find yourself wanting to dress up like zombies and Shaun and storm the theater. At Halloween, many of us will have RED on us. The film is bristling with delight and Easter eggs and audiences eat this film up like brains!"

So true. One of the excellent running gag lines - "You've got red on you." My favorite line from supporting actor Nick Frost, who plays Ed, Shaun's slacker friend, "Ain't that a bit of fried gold!" Frost is fabulously funny. The first thing his character can think of to do when he and Shaun see the zombies is take pictures. Which means I'm much like Ed as noted from my earlier statement about the dead deer. The comedic timing in this film is perfect. Watching the lead characters beat a zombie with pool cues in time to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now!" will bend you right over. I have to get the soundtrack.

Time and again I've seen the British do horror, blood and guts, and a bit of the old ultra-violence better than anything an American can do. But then, when I say ultra-violence, I recollect that Stanley Kubrick directed Clockwork Orange and he was born in New York. I've also always had a thing for British humor since watching Monty Python, The Goodies, The Young Ones, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and so much more on PBS as a young slug.

If you have to drive 40 miles to see this film it will be well worth it. Go with a group of your friends so you can recreate scenes in the parking lot later.
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