I don't know where my day went.

Harry Knowles over at Ain't It Cool News has posted his January DVD picks. His choices are always eclectic and interesting and I always end up with at least 20 more DVDs on my Netflix list because of these monthly articles of his.

Speaking of Netflix, my thanks to the lovely and talented castevet who clued me to the new Netflix friends thingy. It must have just appeared this week because I'm pretty sure I was there over the weekend and didn't see it. I've been looking at castevet's film choices and ganking bits over to my Netflix queue. I wonder what she thinks of my higher rated choices.

As stereolabrat likes to say, people are going to be shitting in my coffee for the next couple weeks. I'm starting up a new account which means I have to assist in hiring staff. But also it means helping to find my replacement at my current account and training that person while keeping the plant manager happy. On top of that, the weekend person I just hired a few weeks ago has to be let go by next weekend because a rather serious discrepency was found during her background check. So I have to try and fill that spot. Plus I have to find an apartment in Allentown. Fortunately it's only about an hour away, as long as it doesn't snow, so I can wing it for a little while. But if it snows I won't be able to get down off this mountain very easily. Seriously harshing my boner.

The ice started melting today. Parts of the woods looked pretty normal while some patches remained in fairy tale land.
Retreating ice

As the ice melted it started turning white. It reminded me of parts of Murkwood, in Middle Earth, covered in the webs of giant spiders.
White ice

Some of the trees looked exhausted. There was devastation.
Winter wasteland

The deceptively beautiful ice, shining and silent, had taken branches, limbs, whole trees as effectively as any howling wind.
Broken remnants

The falling ice roared and clattered throughout the forest, leaving ice cubes as perfect as that made by any machine or popped from any tray. I wanted a beverage.
Nature's ice cubes

Bigger sizes are here as always.
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What movies of mine show up for you?
I kind of wish I never discoverd this Netflix friends thing. It embarasses me what gets five stars and what gets one star and, the worst, what get's "not interested". How some people I'm friends with can HATE "Rosemary's Baby" or mark "Barry Lyndon" in the "not interested" category or give "Fight Club" FIVE STARS is beyond me.

How some people I'm friends with....
Just goes to show you never really know a body.

I can see movies that you've rated, or at least the ones you rated at the top. I can also see the movies that you hated. I can't tell how comprehensively I can see what you looked at, though. I did add a few movies to my queue from what you rated. I'm also curious to know what you can see from me.

I'm in and out. Still down here in Allentown and anticipating a horrible drive back this afternoon.
i can see that you've recently watched
-heavenly creatures
-time out
-Shintaro Katsu's Zatoichi
-voices in iraq

i can see that some of your "favourites" are
-The Sixth Sense (blah!)
-Schindler's List (double blah!)
-Fast Times at Ridgemont High
-Band of Brothers (6-Disc Series)
-Monsters, Inc.
-The Red Violin
-This Is Spinal Tap
-Six Feet Under: Season 1 (4-Disc Series)
-Finding Nemo (Widescreen)
-Family Guy: Vol. 1: Season 1-2 (4-Disc Series)

It's funny. Just because I gave a movie five stars doesn't mean it's one of my FAVOURITE MOVIES EVER!

What movies did you steal for your list from my stars?
Yeah, those are definitely not "favorites". I simply gave them higher ratings than some. And some of those I just gave star ratings to yesterday.

Some of those I pulled off your list are May, Belle de Jour, Carnival of Souls, and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.