Spam and animals

Your spam for today is sent from Hadrian Wlyru and addressed to Annabel Othmeat. It says:
After the 23 years, our organic structure slowly stops carries out
a significant hormone known as Soul Increment Internal Secretion.
The reduction of it, which controls grades of another internal secretions
in your trunk is at once liable for many of the greatest
common emblems of geezerhood, for example wrinkles, gray light hair,
fell energy, and weakened sexual purpose.
The IP address in the headers says this email either originated, or at least passed through, Korea, which would explain the language choices in all of these. Ah well, I need something to pass the time in my geezerhood since I'm all out of Soul Increment Internal Secretion. I do have wine, though.

Also, here's how Sundays are spent in my little household:

Just before the mayhem

Mmm, flashlight What are YOU lookin' at?
I must have this flashlight! Who's breathing down my neck?

As always, everything is on my Flickr photo page.
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I loved this tense little photo!

We once had two parakeets and a cat.

My children decided to let the parakeets out to fly over to the Christmas tree. One fluttered right over and sat happily in a high branch.

The other flew to the piano bench, and the cat INSTANTLY ate it.

Blink. Gone.

Wild screams from everyone. Angst. Guilt. And a very surprised and smug cat.
Although the cats have taken a swipe or two, the parrot has certainly had a taste of cat flesh as well. It is always a stand-off.