Ice Storm


Behind the cut are photos of the ice storm and its results near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Dial-up users be cautioned.

On the day of the storm itself it got quite foggy.

Drive into work

More on the road to work

Many people, including my neighbor, ended up with damage from falling tree limbs.

Damage to the neighbor's yard

Frozen needlesOn the next day ice still sheathed everything. The ground was carpeted and walking on it caused tremendous sounding crunches.

Drain spout

Diamond branchesEverything was silent. There were no animals around. If the sun had been out everything would have been blindingly bright. Even so, everything shone.


The smallest strands of matter were encased.

Ground level. Two inch high strands

On the next afternoon the sun finally started to make an appearance.

The sun makes an appearance

If Pluto had trees

Speed limit is NOT 10In my four years in Pennsylvania I've seen plenty of snow but not many ice storms. I hear about them from more southern and mid-western states. Forced to choose, I'd rather have the snow.

Sunset yesterday, and at the time more freezing rain was predicted.


As far as the eye can see

Please feel free to visit my Flickr photo page to see these photos and more in larger sizes.
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Absolutely breakthtaking photography. Thank you.

I am now freezing, although it's a balmy 60ish and sunny here in Tennessee--the magic of fine photography!

My son lives near Pittsburgh. Did they get it, too?

Wow. These were astonishing. And the accompanying words made it like poetry.
Thanks. I've had this camera only a short time and I'm just starting to get a feel for digital photography. I don't know if Pittsburgh got any of this but I wouldn't be at all surprised. Still, that's all the way across the state.