I simply do not get tired of these

Here's your spam email of the day, sent from Theresa Nealoul:
This narcotics is used to heal erectile breakdown,
likewise noted as an inability to copulate. This is if a somebody can't obtain, or keep,
a rocklike tumid penis suitable for intimate activity.

My tablets is :
  • likely to be used as a execution foil
  • has key vantage over other specific
  • can last for 3 days
  • can fabricate up in the organic structure
Despite the fact that I am, on the whole, a rocklike tumid penis, I do often feel the onset of erectile breakdown and often desire the use of "a execution foil" because I really can't "fabricate up in the organic structure." But not tonight!! Because new episodes of Lost are on! Yowza

Also, we lost our Hershey account! That was our biggest account in the area. Which sucks. However, that means I'm lined up for our new account in Allentown. If I had just had my Bachelors I could have gone for a management position near Philly that just turned up. Would have meant twice the pay nearly. Ah well.
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