So the weather reports are suggesting either four to eight inches of snow, or rain, sleet and freezing rain, or both after midnight. Thanks for nailing that down for me, boys. Either way it means I better set my alarm for 4 am. It is teh suck.

I was going to ask why LJ was so sllllooOOOooowww but I finally saw lj_maintenance posts explaining how they had essentially plugged Hoover Dam up to a Water Weasel by Wham-O. Funny that should happen right when all this buy up crap is happening between Six Apart and ell-gay. Like portents of things to come.

I'm turning into The Fly right now because I need a sugar fix. I'm definitely jonesing for some M&Ms and maybe a Dr. Pepper. Have I mentioned that I am Jabba the Slug? "Hoo hoo hoo, wookie poo doo"

Could my entries possibly BE more inane?
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Good heavens no! How I wish I was back in Seattle. NE Pennsylvania. The Poconos. Pennsylvania is teh suck. Say it with me....