Annoying rumors and arthritis

The people on my flist, being the hip, with-it people that they are, probably knew about this long ago, but in the interests of thoroughness here's a rumor. Six Apart to buy LiveJournal?

Also, here's an article about the cultural differences between Six Apart, the parent company of Movable Type and Typepad, which is blogging software, and LJ: Apophenia:The Cultural Divide Between LiveJournal and Six Apart. In the comments of this article is another article on LiveJournal as a new and more applicable way of managing information and creating knowledge in today’s society. So there you go, kids. Have fun.

In local news, my knees are aching from a combination of rainy, sleety weather and karate last night. You youngsters have this to look forward to.

Also, if you're working toward a college degree, DON'T QUIT. You'll regret it later.
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but confused
i'm taking time of school right now, wet knees. what's the good word?
Re: but confused
Taking time off is likely alright as long as you go back. All I'm saying is I could have made a promotion leap today, and almost doubled my salary, if I had gotten my bachelors when I should have instead of constantly skating along, albeit leading the amazingly diverse and adventurous life that I have. Everything has a cost.
Re: but confused
amazingly diverse and adventurous! let's hear it! i wore a bee suit to a snowball fight yesterday, but got held up as my car skated through snow to straddle a median. pretty thrilling huh.
Straddling medians sounds like teh sexxay but I simply must hear more about this bee suit. Did you include stinging jibes with your snowballs? Stinging! bwahahaha omg wtf eieio. I am teh funny. Or something.