The post no one could possibly care about

Work is done for another day. Apparently I haven't been cracking the whip enough on my staff. Been spending all my time on LJ. Two incidents occurred over the past couple days and they were either not documented or simply not seen! It's time for a staff meeting at which I shall have to open an uncharacteristic can of whoop ass. If I could fire half my staff I would. They're morons. No. Really. Morons. The other half are good. Because I was the one that hired them.

In the next couple of days I may finally be able to determine, definitely, whether I am going to transfer to Hershey or Allentown. Allentown is more of a sure thing but Hershey would mean more money, a bigger town, direct access to Amtrak, and maybe more fun. But that doesn't mean Allentown would be bad or anything. If we get confirmation of a signed contract from Hershey in the next couple days then it's Hershey for me, supervising Chocolate World of all places, otherwise I have to say yes to Allentown because there's no more time to fuck around.

The downstairs harpy is shrieking again. I wish I could hear what she says. All I can ever hear her say is the word fuck. It's her catchphrase or whatever. Like Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter with his "ooooh ooooh oooh" and Rerun from What's Happening? with his "hey HEY hey!" I can't think of more contemporary examples because I'm old. If I should have occasion to talk to her I think I'll just start using the word fuck randomly in conversation. "So, FUCK it looks like FUCKIN' rain today. FUCKIN' weather says maybe FUCK some freezing FUCKIN' rain or FUCKIN' snow tonight. FUCK!

Got karate class in a half hour. Tried to go to the school we have down in Conyngham yesterday. Thought I knew where the school was. Apparently not. I'll find out where it is tonight and then I can start going to class up to four times a week. Have to change my name to Jean Claude van Gastropod.
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