Heavenly Creatures

Just saw Heavenly Creatures, directed by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame. It's the story of Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, who form an obsessive friendship and who murder the former's mother when faced with separation. The leads are played by Melanie Lynskey and by Kate Winslet, who makes her film debut here. The performances of the two leads are nothing short of spectacular but Peter Jackson's skill is testament to what an important role that of film director really is. When you observe Winslet in inferior vehicles like Titanic you can see what a good director can bring out in an actor. While watching this film I was reminded of no one so much as Terry Gilliam, director of such films as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Brazil. There was the same lyrical, and at the same time nightmarish, quality to the fantasy sequences of Heavenly Creatures. Peter Jackson's story is no fantasy, however. It's a true tale of a gruesome murder that takes place in 1950's New Zealand. It's a sad tale, handled with genuine sensitivity by Jackson. I want to say that, for a moment, I thought I was watching "Time Bandits meets Natural Born Killers" but cracks like that don't do this film justice. I first became aware of Peter Jackson when I saw his film The Frighteners and the more of his films I see the more of a fan I become.

This mollusc gives Heavenly Creatures 4.5 starfish out of 5.
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Have you seen Dead Alive? I'm trying to see as much of Peter Jackson's work as possible, but Netflix doesn't have his entire repertoire.