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Used one of my Xmas presents and went to see The Aviator, Martin Scorsese's biopic on Howard Hughes. Stories involving the line between genius and madness are always fascinating. Being insane myself I always take quite an interest. Of course I'm much farther toward the mad part of the spectrum than the genius end but still.

This film covers the early years of Hughes career, when he was still the dashing young man. Leo DiCaprio was not a bad choice but it seemed to me as if Leo was still trying to get into Hughes' head after they had started filming. He only appeared to truly come into the role in the second half of the film. Cate Blanchett, ah sweet elvish mistress Cate Blanchett, on the other hand WAS Katherine Hepburn for me. More than one movie critic said that Blanchett looks nothing like Hepburn, which is true, but one of those critics said that after a short time you don't notice anymore because Blanchett seizes the part. I agree with this. Some will say she overplayed it. Of course, I've always been mad crazy for Kate Hepburn so I was riveted during Cate Blanchett's scenes. If, by some miracle, I were ever to have an affair with Blanchett I would require that she always "be" Hepburn for me. How sick, how twisted, and how very Hollywood. Speaking of which, Gwen Stefani, whom I would also like to stalk, plays a small part as Jean Harlow. She already had the hair for the role. Did you know this was going to devolve from a movie review into another glimpse of my sick perversions? Of course you did. Overall, watching our modern pantheon of movie stars try to fill the shoes of the greats from Hollywood's golden age always reminds me, forcefully, how few of them can fill the bill.

Nevertheless, this mollusc gives The Aviator 3.5 starfish out of 5.
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